10 flights, 10 photos

I’m finally getting somewhat caught up, but I am starting to figure out I’ve been behind and every time I do one of these posts I’ve done 14, anyway this is my usual 10 flights and my usual 10 photos.

1)Bergamo to Foggia (LIME-LIBF
ETE 1:30
MyAir CRJ1000

2)Medellin to Aruba (SKRG-TNCA)
ETE 2:10
Aruba CRJ200

3)DFW to San Luis Obispo (KDFW-KSBA)
ETE 3:20
American CRJ900

4)Kodiak to North Bend Oregon (PADQ-KOTH)
ETE 4:15

5)Toronto to Piarco (CYYZ-TTPP)
ETE 5h
Caribbean 737-800

6)North Bend Oregon to Lovelock (KOTH-KLOL)
ETE 1h 30m

7)Brussels to Luxor (Egypt) (EBBR-HELX)
ETE 4:30
TUI 757-200

8)Casablanca to Libreville (GMMN-FOOL)
ETE 4:40
Royal Maroc 737-800

9)Lovelock to The Sea Ranch (KLOL-CA51)
ETE 2h

10)The Sea Ranch to Hawthorne Muni
ETE 1:40

Yes they are all in order, I didn’t realize 10 was the perfect send off photo

Anyway feel free to share criticism and your favorite if you would like to.


Best picture because I am from Morocco

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