10 flights, 10 photos of beta 21.1!

currently im using 21.1 it pretty fun i mostly flown in the US i dont know why but i did and also i completed my 10 flights on 21.1 beta!!! so here the photos of my flights!!


flight time:various

1.delta b757 lifting off at KDCA and heading to KLAX

2.The 2 delta tails of a b757 and a320 at KDCA

3.airbus vs boeing of a 2 wide bodys and 1 narrow body aircraft at KLAX

4.b787 lifting off during a a320 taxing at KLAX

5.2 british airways brothers at EGLL

6.delta a320 turning on the river visual approach of KDCA

7.landing a320 at KJFK coming from KMIA

8.KSFO b738 southwest LUV heading to KLAS

9.b787 gear tilt landing at KLAX came from KDEN

10.delta a320 taking of from KLAX
heading to KLAS

I hope you liked the photos😊😊

Great photos
By the way

A757 and B320

That A380 tail tho!!

Cool photos! I am loving the update!