10 flights, 10 photos (757 only)

Simply put it, I did 10 flights in all 757s and picked only one photo from each of them, I also did not have any repeating liveries this whole thing.

Route Info can’t go to far into detail, but as per what I do each time I try to put as much information as possible. All were on TS except for two where I flew CS on accident (will obviously be specified)
1)Cayenne to Piarco (SYCJ-TTPP) ETE 1h Guyana 757
2)Atlanta to San Jose (KATL-MROC) ETE 4h Delta 757
3)Buenos Aires to Santiago (SABE-SCEL) ETE 2h Lapa 757
4)Hamburg to Madeira (EDDH-LPMA) ETE 4h TUI 757
5)Columbus to NYC (LaGuardia) (KCMH-KLGA) America West 757
6)Tashkent to Urumqi (UTTT-ZWWW) ETE 2h China Southern 757
7)Shanghai to Kai Tak (ZSPD-VHHX) ETE 2h Air China 757 (CS)
8)Tashkent to New Delhi (UTTT-VIDP) ETE 2h 30m Uzbek 757 (CS)
9)Dakar to GVAC to Sao Pedro (GOBD-GVAC-GVSV) ETE 2h 30m Cabo 757 (GVAC-GVSV photo)
10)London (Gatwick) to Faro (EGKK-LPFR) ETE 2h Monarch 757


Criticism is appreciated, also I don’t know how to go about 9 for future reference


8 was the best, but all of them were good. Nice shots!

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Great shots mate. Really loved 9 and 8

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Wait a min. nope?

Amazing shots! Well done

Ty, I also definitely thought it was while making this as well.

Correct Nico

Lovely pictures! Number 6 looks stunning, thanks for sharing

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