10 flights, 10 photos, 21.3 airport addition

First 10 flights and subsequent 10 photos. All of these photos are gonna be shots taken at a new airport, and obviously being limited to 10 it’s naturally only going to be, 10 airports, (I’ll specify which airport is in a shot)

1)LPPR-LPMA (airport in shot is LPMA)
Porto to Madeira
ETE 1:30
TAP A320

2)KHPN-KCLT (airport in shot is KCLT)
Westchester County to Charlotte
ETE 1:15

3)LGAV-LCLK (airport is LCLK)
Athens to Larnaca
ETE 1:20
WizzAir A320

4)KSAN-KSFO (airport is KSAN)
San Diego to San Francisco
ETE 1:30
United 737-900

5)LFPG-TFFF (airport is TFFF)
Paris (CDG) to Martinique
ETE 8:20
Air France 77W

6)SASA-SAEZ (airport is SASA)
Salta to Buenos Aires
ETE 2:10
Aerolineas Argentina 737-800

7)SAEZ-SAWH (airport is SAWH)
Buenos Aires to Ushuaia
ETE 3:30
Aerolineas Argentina 737-800

8)MROC-KFLL (airport is MROC)
San Jose to Fort Lauderdale
ETE 3h
Spirit A321

9)SPJC-SPZO (airport is SPJC)
Lima to Cusco
ETE 1h
LaTam A320

10)PHOG-PHLI (airport is PHOG)
Kahului to Lihue
ETE 0:30
Hawaiian 717

Here’s the normal conclusion again. As per the usual feel free to comment your favorite photo or criticism, my personal favorite is between 8, 9, and 4. But I must give respect to 8, that’s my final answer. As always have a good rest of your day/night!


please put this in #screenshots-and-videos

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Amazing photos! I love the 10th one

KFLL has buildings?

No MROC does (nevermind that was a very subtle hint)

Random, but was that Hawaiian 717 flight yesterday? I think it may have been you who spawned next to me after I flew in from HNL.

Nice shots! The variety of tails in the 3rd one makes for a nice picture.

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That was 2-3 days after the release of 21.3

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