10 Character Limit on PMs

I find it very difficult to communicate with someone via PM with the 10 character limit in place. Maybe the mods can remove it for pms only. Thanks!


It’s a #meta #features request ! 😂

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I agree it is annoying for example when you just want to say thanks or thank you

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In private messages I believe you are allowed to type “(filler)” if you have a post under the 10 character limit.


Yeah, if you type (filler) (fill) or (10ChtFll) then you are okay. If they flag you, then it’s hobbit deal because it won’t count I believe.

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I understand that you can do that, but why do they have the limit in the first place (in PMS)

I don’t know if this is possible.

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Who has control over the forums? Maybe ask them.

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