10 best pictures from this month so far

Hi there, today i will be posting the best 10 pictures i took and edited this month, hope you enjoy!
Most of these pictures where taken in expert server

taken from an f 16 we were escorting a staff member with an f 16 and a f 22

CRJ 700 taking off from Washington Dulles on our way to newark

flybe q400 taking off from birmigham on its way to Düsseldorf

alaska 737 landing in Anchorage, Alaska

Jetblue a321 taking off from boston going to JFK
IndiGo a320 landing in mumbai with a moonshot

Lufthansa a340 departing from munich

Vueling a320 landing in Düsseldorf


Wow, those are absolutely stunning shots! The Lufthansa A340 looks absolutely stunning, especially with that editing! 😍

On a side note, I’d recommend removing or editing out the tag and HUD on your first photo. Any sort of obstruction is in violation of the #screenshots-and-videos category guidelines. For more info, please see the following topic. Thanks!


oops!, didnt realize

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No worries! Nice job removing the HUD, however the user tag is still there, in the first image. Just be sure to remove that as well and you’ll be all set!

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i can’t remove the tag, but i think its nice enough

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If you do not have an editing software to remove this and still have the replay, you can go into settings, live, and check “Hide Airplane Names”. You can then head to the replay, grab the shot you want, and then un-check this feature!

While I don’t dispute the fact that it’s a nice photo and looks better since you were able to remove the HUD, it is still in breach of the #screenshots-and-videos category guidelines. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the closing of your topic, sadly.

To make this clear as well, I am not calling you out. It is a common mistake and happens to the best of us. I am simply trying to help you out so your gorgeous shots can remain a part of this community!

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Only you can make the A340 look good 😂. Amazing pictures!


Did some quick editing on your first photo to help you out. Feel free to use it! 😊

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Well hello there! I see myself in the F-22!

I didn’t get a shot from when you were with me but have this from an earlier point when I was in an F-16:

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ill use it

Looks great! Glad I was able to help you out!

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no problem

Nice shots! Keep up the work!

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