[10 Attending] [SPONSORED BY AEROMEXICO VIRTUAL!] Gtmkm98's Quito Flyout @ SEQM - 121700ZOCT19

Gtmkm98’s Quito Flyout with @N2628P !

Credit: Wikipedia

Server: Expert

Airport: SEQM

Time: 1700Z 2019-10-12T17:00:00Z


  • Runway 36 departures only
  • Expect steep climb out of SEQM in all directions
  • Spawn in at your gate 15 minutes early. We will have a 15-minute gate hold after 1700Z to allow for late pilots to spawn in.
  • Take your turn; do not rush other pilots
  • Enjoy your flight!


Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
01 A319 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ @Ecoops123 WSVG278
02 B752 American KMIA @N2628P β€”
03 B752 Delta KATL @Gtmkm98 Delta 680
04 B739 United KIAH β€” β€”
05/05A A320 JetBlue KFLL @United2 β€”
06 B738 Copa MPTO @Armani_B β€”
07 B777W Air France LFPG @Everything_Matthew β€”
08 B738 American KDFW β€” β€”
09 A318 Avianca SKBO @Boris_Huang Avianca 8372
10 B738 GOL SBGL β€” β€”
11 B777W KLM SEQM - SEGU - EHAM β€” β€”
12 B742 Iberia LEMD β€” β€”
13 B789 Air Europa SEQM - SEGU - LEMD β€”- β€”
14 B789 LATAM SCEL @CoastieJim LA459
15 B789 LATAM SAEZ β€” β€”
16 A319 LATAM SPJC β€” β€”
17 A319 LATAM SEQM-SEGU-SEST @Lucas_Piedra LAN Ecuador 1421

Secondary Terminal:

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
51/51A β€” Aeromexico Virtual MMMX β€” β€”
52 β€” Aeromexico Virtual MMMX @Enrique_Fernandez AMVA01
53 β€” Aeromexico Virtual MMMX β€” β€”
54 β€” Aeromexico Virtual MMMX β€” β€”
55 β€” Aeromexico Virtual MMMX β€” β€”
56 A321 TAME (Generic) SEGU β€” β€”
61 A321 TAME (Generic) MUHA β€” β€”
62 A321 TAME (Generic) SENL β€” β€”
63 A321 TAME (Generic) SESA β€” β€”
64 A321 TAME (Generic) SECA β€” β€”
65 A321 TAME (Generic) SEMT β€” β€”
66 A321 TAME (Generic) SEST β€” β€”
67 A321 TAME (Generic) SERO β€” β€”

Cargo Terminal:

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
80/80A MD11F UPS KMIA β€” β€”
81 MD11F FedEx KMIA β€” β€”
82 MD11F Martinair Cargo EHAM β€” β€”
83 B772F Emirates SkyCargo OMDW β€” β€”
84 B772F Etihad Cargo OMAA β€” β€”
85 B772F Qatar Airways Cargo OTHH β€” β€”

Virtual Airlines:

Welcome to the Equator!

This event is brought to you by @N2628P, @Gtmkm98, and this proud sponsor:


I’ve been waiting for an Ecuador fly out for so long. Before anyone else signs up, can you bump it up to 1700? I’m 50% Ecuadorean, so I won’t miss this for anything, but it is 8:00 in the morning for me, which is a little early.
I’ll take the American 757 flight!


There you go. Enjoy your flight!

Thank you!

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And I take it that’s a no to bumping it up a couple hours?

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Take a look… ;)

Umm, was something supposed to change?


It is 1700Z!

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Your amazing! For me it still shows 1500, but I’ll take your word for it! I’ll be there!

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No problem!

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Isn’t exactly a real route anymore i believe, but I’ll take it!

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They are restarting the route. See you there!


See you there! Now 3 Attending! Also I’ll be WSVG278.


Yeah, the Paris route is new as well.

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How is my setup?

This is gonna be a great event (if more people join…)

please, nice event!!!

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Thank you. You are signed up, and I will see you at the Brussels event!

Can’t wait for more South America, If this goes well, then my Brazil event probably will go well. I think South America is very underrated so can’t wait!

Ok this is exciting. A flyout in my home country, that’s a first :). Can you do me a favor though? Although gate 17 says SEGS, can you switch it to SEST via SEGU? LATAM operates this flight with an A319 every other day. Callsign will be LAN Ecuador 1421. Thanks in advance! Can’t wait for the scenery push!

Also if you want any help on airlines and destinations for the event, shoot me a PM. I know a lot about aviation in Ecuador

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