[10 attending] Raleigh-Durham Fly Out @KRDU 082100ZJUN19


Hi. I looked at an old Pan Am timetable from 1987. At the time, they operated at RDU. In this case, may I take a gate from terminal 2 as a Pan Am 747-200 bound to JFK before heading to LHR? Thx(if it’s better to take the AAL flight directly to London, then that is fine too)


There aren’t any gates compatible with a 747 due to the new gate restrictions…


C25 to London Heathrow Lhr American 777-300erPlease


Ok sure see you soon


Oh ok. :( I keep looking then.


You can still fly to Heathrow if you want to btw


Ok. I’ve made up my mind. May I have a Terminal 2 gate to LAX? Aircraft is a Delta 737-800. Thx(there I continue to PVG)


Sure will do


Thank you.(took me forever to figure out what 3 stop flight I wanted to do)


Gate d9 is yours


Actually, is it okay if I change to a Alaskan 737 to SEA? Thx


No problem what variant?


It’ll be a 737-800


Can we hit ten this week?


Maby, let me look at my schedule…


And, I can’t, but this looks like a great event. Best of luck, I’ll be sure to join if I get an opening…


Let’s see if we get any today


Should I advertise this event on my YouTube channel


yes might bring in people


Will do soon