[10 ATTENDING!] Let’s fill Riga! (Flyout) @ EVRA 221900ZJUN19


Riga Flyout!

In the coming weeks I will hold an event where we fly out of Riga to all your favourite destinations!

Time : 2019-06-22T18:00:00Z

Where?: Riga, Latvia (EVRA) TRAINING SERVER

Gates and Destinations

  • Moscow (SVO)
Air Baltic
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin-Tegel
  • Barcelona
  • Billund
  • Brussels
  • Copenhagen
  • Dublin
  • Zürich
  • Milan
  • London (Gatwick) (4 slots left)
  • Geneva
  • Oslo (4 slots left)
  • Liepāja (4 slots left)
  • Minsk (Only)
  • Helsinki (Only)
Korean Air
  • Seoul (Incheon) (Only) (4 slots left)
LOT Polish Airlines
  • Warsaw (Chopin) (Only)
  • Frankfurt (Only)
  • Oslo (Gardemoen)
  • Copenhagen
  • Stockholm (Arlanda)
Scandinavian Airlines SAS
  • Stockholm (Arlanda)
  • Dublin (4 slots left)
  • London (Luton)
  • Manchester
  • London (Stansted) (4 slots left)
Wizz Air
  • Budapest
  • London (Luton)
British Airways (Not Real Route)
  • London (Gatwick) NOT REAL ROUTE

Extra Info Please ask for a Gate at Riga with your callsign, Aircraft and Livery
Also take your best screenshots! There are only 5 gates per route so don’t miss out! If you would like to have a route on the list, Do not hesitate to ask me!
EVRA_GND: @Plane_geek_101
EVRA_TWR: @Plane_geek_101
EVRA_DEP: @Ifatcalexandree
Gates at the moment
Gate 301 - @Latvia - Air Baltic 19 DH8D
Gate 307 - @HypedFlyer19 - Air Baltic 718 DH8D
Gate 302 - @TheGuy - Koreanair 2202 Heavy 772
Gate 300 - @Matthew_20204 - Ryanair 508 738
Gate 303 - @Cecilie_Sarah_F - Air Baltic 151 DH8D
Gate 101 - @kvik747 - BT101 DH8D
to ???
Gate 103 - @Steven_Wagih - Ryanair 2643
Have Fun!


I’d like the Air Baltic to Liepāja if possible, Q400 Air Baltic, Air Baltic 19 at gate 301.

If not possible, as that route isn’t on the list, I’ll have the Aeroflot A320 to Moscow, gate 301, callsign Aeroflot 2683


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Ok! I have added the route! And your signed up! See ya!

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I need at least 5 attendants

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I really hope this fills up.

Any pilots?

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Can I be tower and ground control for this event?

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Yeah, You can, You have a choice of EVRA_GND EVRA_TWR EVRA_DEP or ARR idk

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Ok. I can take TWR/GRD

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I’d like to take a Korean Air flight to Seoul

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Ok what’s your callsign and Aircraft and I’ll sign you up :)


Do the routes have to be real or not

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No unless you can say the real callsign of the route and I can find it on FR24 then I can add it


I will be on the Approach (ATC)

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If you’re IFATC, as your username suggests, I’m pretty sure you can’t control on TS?

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I don’t know, maybe you can, What airport?


Maybe the reason why people won’t join is because it’s school time in most of North America which looses many participants

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I’ll take a gate for Ryanair to Dublin

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It will be Korean 2022 Heavy

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maybe approach because I can control TS also or maybe BT690 to LFPG with Bombardier DashQ400

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Ok @TheGuy I have signed you up! @Matthew_20204 What’s the callsign? And @Ifatcalexandree You gonna do approach or fly?