$10 Airbus a320! - Follow up to $5 Airbus Model?

For A Limited Time Only! $10 Airbus A320 Model? Here is a cheap airbus a320!

Aircraft: a320-100 - (I’m not sure if its -100 or -200)

Livery: Passenger

Airline: Airbus

Manufacture: Hogan Wings

Scale: 1:200

Length: 8 inches

Wingspan: 7 inches

Country and Continent: France, Europe

Stand: Yes

Gear: Yes

Type of assembly: Snap-Fit

Shipping: Multiple Options

Engines: 2

Sorry guys for the inconvenuce!

Click here for the $5 Airbus A319 Model!

  • Thanks A lot, I’m definitely buying this!

  • Thanks, but no thanks, im definitely not buying this.

  • I’m not sure yet.

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May I ask why you’re giving the discount code out that is supposed to be exclusive to DAC forum members and basically advertising on here multiple times?


I’m confused

Really, why do you care?

I care about the discount especially because abusing the discount is why we end up removing exclusive discount for groups. Secondly, I feel this is a community help page, a bit about model planes is fine, but directly posting to in a way try to “sell” people on planes including a poll is a bit out of place.

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