10-14 hour 747 routes?

Hey guys,
I really love flying the Boeing 747, but I am running out of ideas of routes to fly it on. I am looking for a 10 to 14 hour flight, Enough for an all-nighter. I am doing the flight on March 6, so I hope to get some suggestions!

If yโ€™all can see that photo and not a URL, that is a photo of a recent flight I did in the 747, EGLL-KSFO.


Frankfurt to Vancouver on Lufthansa 747-8.

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YSSY to FAOR is really cool 14 hour flight that uses the 747
SBGL to EDDF is a nice little 11 and a half hour flight with the 748


QFA28 Santiago(SCL) Sydney (SYD) 13H38


Thanks for responding, I love the approach in to YVR, will definitely take your suggestion into consideration!

Thanks for responding, I actually remember considering YSSY to FAOR a long time back, but never did it. Love the two suggestions, Thanks!

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Your welcome :)

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@Gabriel_f, I definitely am considering doing that. Santiago is a beautiful city in Chile, and I would love to fly out/in to it.

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British airways used to use their 747 for EGLL - FAOR 11 hours.

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Oh nice! I will consider that, as I have never flown to FAOR, and EGLL is always such a busy airport in IF. Thanks!

Seoul to Atalnta in the 748 Korean Air flight is about 13 hours

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Cool! I actually did Seoul to Los Angeles once in the Korean Air 747-8, and the plane was great to fly. Thanks for telling me!

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OMDB - KSFO Delta but A380 is better for this route IRL ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

EGLL-FACT is a pretty good one.

Try the routing over Antarctica between Sydney and Johannesburg :)

You should try YSSY (Sydney) to CYVR (Vancouver). Takes generally around ~13-14 hours.

FRA-DEN should be about 10hrs. Its operated by the Lufthansa 747-400.

YSSY-RJTT. If I recall right was about 10hrs

Forgot this one:


You can get the great Chilean scenery, the majesty of Antarctica, some of New Zealand and Australia in one flight.

LHR-PHX British 747-400