10-11-22/1730Z - KTUS air show! @KTUS

@Butter575 @United403 @Aviation_Jerry
can you guys advertise?

I can put it down under one.

thanks, i really want my first airshow to be good

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I can advertise this on my PDX event

yes please!

thank you so much

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Anything specific I should say?

no, just sponsor it please

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i hope that you guys can join

@Dan @A-FitzGerald @anon57312879 @Marc @LordWizrak @DeerCrusher would you guys like to join this airshow or watch it? im really trying make my first airshow great!

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I will try to join :)

ok, thanks

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I’ll join in a generic F22 :)

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No thanks, no need for the tag either. I will be unavailable for the most part of this month.

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Honestly, I would love to see a CF-18 demo in action.


You should watch the show then

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I would like to join with this
F/A-18E - Maverick

ok! comming right up!

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Can you shoot me a dm tho, wanna tell you about something. It’s off-topic. Can’t dm you

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Just So all pilots know there will be training the day before!
@Ken_wei @flyin_hawaiian @Ashwanth_razil @United403 @Delta160Heavy @Aviation_Jerry @AirCanada11 @anon57312879

Also here is a time poll

  • Start at 1730Z
  • Start at 1930Z

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