10,000th Member Live+ Competition - Results!

Here was mine… Congrats guys


Just some feedback, maybe you could do a solo and live category separately next time, since it’s quite hard to go against some of these amazing live photos, and it also gives people without live a better chance to win.

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Aand the top 3 were all sunrise/sunset photos.

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It’s the best!

Thanks for the feedback. You make a good point and it is something we’ll explore in the future.

Our finalists did include a variety of solo and Live pics, though - these just seemed to capture the “community” spirit we were celebrating best ;-)


Congrats everyone!

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I was expecting something else

Congratulations to the winner! And Thanks to Mods who have celebrated this event! :)


What happened to the runner ups?

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Congrats winners!!! Thanks everyone for the amazing pictures :)


Your welcome :) Has the gallery of others been created yet?

@ryan06 is on the roll, I think this is a second competition you win? Congratulations.

It is, he’s making some amazing screenshots.

@ryan06, perhaps you’d be interested in making a thread on how you make your best screenshots? :)


I doubt he’ll share the secret. @ryan06

Congratulations to all Winers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Well it’s just a combination of luck, skill and a server called playground, where you can find some pretty crazy airports, which makes a good spot for photos. Oh and don’t forget some sugar, it always keeps you excited ;)


GGWP! I’m not salty because I was preparing to pay another 40 quid anyway… not salty… :P Anyway congrats to everyone who won! It’s interesting how everyone used the sunset/sunrise for their photos - it’s like the default mode for screenshots!

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100% deserved winners, good job!

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The food is Wiener lol

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Oops… In Finland I think it is Wiineri so that made think its spelled in English winer.
(Unfortunately there isn’t a facepalm emoji)