10,000 Xp and 100 landings in 1hr20!

Thanks to an awesome Xcub I got 100 landings & 10K Xp in only 1hr20 !
Imagine what I could get if I do that for 10 hrs 😄.

Airport :
A/C: Xcub
Server: Casual


That’s how i get my landings. I need 70 more and then i’m a grade 5.

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May I ask what you mean by this?

Lol dude I tried to do this today too.

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Have fun in 90 days when you loose 100 landings all at once…


There is nothing wrong with this post.
Advice you review the guidelines of this community moving forward.

Thank you!



Wasn’t talking to you. Great achievement and seems like a good grind. :^) Don’t worry you’re not in any heat.


Haha I fly everyday anyway so if they disappear it’s okay I won’t lose my grade anyway 🤗


You should try KHHR - KLAX and back in an F-22. You do two landings per minimal which is the most you can get in that time.

You shouldn’t be doing a ton of patterns to be Grade 5. I’m in Qantas VA and GAF RAAF and just stay at Grade 5.

@Babacar. MaxSez: Congratulations you’re a great example to all those Trash Haulers who fly long haul and crash and burn w/ no credits! GA all the way! Well Done, BZ Hoist is yours:



Yeah I was tired of doing my long hauls and crash on final 😕 was getting Xp but never landings… so I had to fix the issue… And I was not rushing for grade for those who wonder… I am already Grade 5 was just trying to reduce the "online flight " and landing difference (1500 vs 900) 😬


That’s cool. I’m trying to get to grade 3. I only need 3,000 more xp and like 100 more landings.

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Nice job!

What I suggest is, that you go on https://www.badbadweather.com/highest-wind-world/ and search for a very windy airport.

Grab the Cessna 208 and a music playlist or movie and enjoy the patterns. The wind adds a little challenge too ao it doesn‘t get too boring!🙂

I have grinded 100K xp within 4 hours only!

This was after almost 2 hours as I changed the airport for stronger winds.

See sou in the skies!


Congrats @Babacar 😄, also thanks for all the ATC service you do for me, I always seem to bump into you 😂.

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Here is the pro of patterns…

No problem 😁🙃

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hmm… 🤨

NASA Crows Landing (KNRC) nuff said ^^

Landing count when your on casual?