10,000 Subscribers - Thank You

Let’s start from the beginning…

May 11th 2017
On this date I had bought my first ever powerful computer. I was aware of the capabilities that it had and how great the editors were on it so I decided to create a YouTube account to run alongside the old InfiniteFlightPosts Instagram.

After I created my first few videos I began to receive a lot of positive feedback which really pushed me and motivated me to create more and more content. To know that people enjoyed my work was such a great feeling despite how antisocial it can be creating content.
I eventually reached my first 1,000 subscribers and I was absolutely over the moon to see that little “1K” on the face of my channel. My passion continuously grew and grew…

Unfortunately, I took a very fast approach to the whole social media aspect of infinite flight. Back in 2015 I started up the IFP Instagram account which was very successful. After seeing my potential on Instagram I thought hell yeah let’s take it a step further and expand the audience even more via YouTube, in which I did. At this stage, I then started up a discord server which also became very popular.
I always set the bar for expectations very high for the accounts I had made and throughout my journey I have always ensured that I always posted the highest quality content. The unfortunate part was due to the high work load (demand for content), school/college work and my busy social life I had no other option but to chomp down on which accounts survived and which didn’t.

Last year I regrettably shut down the IFP Instagram and discord, making a final decision that the only account that would remain was my YouTube as that’s where my passion and expertise is at. After these actions were made I had a little hiccup. I went through some challenging times which for obvious reasons I won’t talk about as it’s relatively personal, but, I also had a sudden strain on school exams followed by a busy year of college in which this therefore lead to very low activity on YouTube. I still tried my best to upload content but I simply didn’t have the time to keep up with it.

However as my final year at college is coming to an end and COVID-19 has abruptly affected all of our lives, I have had the time to go through everything and get everything straight. I have been uploading videos daily for the past month and have received so much support from both family and the fan base which I have grown. I’m now almost fully investing my time into YouTube and I wish to continue for as long as I possibly can!

So I would like to say thank you for two things…
Firstly, thank you so much to the developers for creating such an amazing hand held mobile flight simulator. Your efforts never go unnoticed and thanks to all of you, your flight simulator is the reason why I have reached this massive milestone.

Secondly, I would like to thank everyone from this community who has supported my channel throughout the journey. Without your support none of this would’ve been possible. Since day one I posted my latest uploads onto the IFC to initially boost my videos for you all to enjoy, and thanks to your continuous support, I have now reached 10,000 subscribers!



Crazy milestone, congrats man 🎉



Thank you @Infinite_Flight_Sims

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Congratulations , @AviatorDan well deserved!

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nice! i also saw myself landing in the background of one of your videos

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Congrats @AviatorDan! Awesome videos :)

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Congrats, @AviatorDan! That is such an amazing accomplishment, and I can’t imaging how great it must be to achieve that. Your videos are great, and I’m truly happy for you, congrats again!

Also, do you have any tips on how to run a successful channel? Just in general, not IF specific.

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congrats @AviatorDan i keep watching your videos, cant wait for more to come!!!

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Thank you all so much for the kind comments! @CPT_Colorado @ran @CaptainNoGear @Infinite_Pilot1

@Butter_Boi PM me and I’d be happy to help discuss it with you


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Congratulations!! 🥳 🎉

As one of your subscribers, I thank you for the great content that has provided me with quality entertainment for the past couple of years.

You make people smile. That’s awesome.

Great job on 10K subscribers! That’s 20,000 eyeballs watching your videos.

Also, if you don’t mind, I’ll be PM’ing you for tips on making videos :)

This is absolutely amazing. Congrats 🎊! I’ve always loved your videos and instagram posts, they never fail to entertain me!

Congratulations!! I think I’m following you on Instagram! And I’m subscribed!

Mine is @buffalo.aviation

Congrats dude!
I was watching your channel lol

@Meowz @anon38496261 @MJP_27 @AlphaWings thank you so much for the kind comments 😊


Congratulations! I love your videos :)

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Here’s my video to go alongside this thread


Thank you so much man :)

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Congrats!!! Follow you since 2017, best channel in IF for sure🔥

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Congratulations @AviatorDan 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Congratulations! Excellent videos! @AviatorDan

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