10,000 reply limit

I’ve just been very curious, why is there a 10,000 reply limit on topics?

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Valuable Space, I guess. I believe that is a random policy on discourse but I’m unsure.

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It’s explained on the discourse meta here:

  • Megatopics are impractical to read . By the time you reach 10,000 replies, who in their right mind is going to sit down and read through all 10,000 of those replies? So how does anyone catch up with the current state of the topic – maybe by reading the first post and the first 50 replies? Reading only the last 100 posts? Even using our handy “summarize this topic” function , you’re looking at reading 1,000 of the most liked replies to understand what went on in that topic. Your best bet is for someone to read the whole thing and edit a summary into the first post, which would require a staff member, or the first post to be a wiki.
  • Megatopics are impractical to navigate . How long did it take this topic to get to 10,000 replies? A week? A month? A few years? While you can easily jump to the beginning and end of any topic using the handy timeline feature in Discourse, you are on your own figuring out what exactly happened in the vast middle of that topic. We’ve discussed adding breakpoints or chapters to topics at some point, but there were certainly important “events” in any long running topic you’ll need to dig through the dates and posts to figure out yourself.
  • Megatopics are genuinely rare “in the wild” . Right now I’m looking at the archives of a forum we migrated to Discourse in 2017 that dates back to 2003, and sorting by replies, I count 7 topics out of 87,602 that are over 10k replies. Seven! That’s about 1 megatopic for every ten thousand topics. There’s also a fairly steep dropoff in topic length at that point; only 9 additional topics are over 8k replies.
  • Megatopics tend to lose control of the actual topic. It is normal for a topic to veer and meander, but the longer the topic, the more likely it is that gentle conversational curves morph into radical changes. Furthermore, the longer the topic goes on, the more the world changes around the original opening post that kicked things off – if it is about a then-current news event, for example, other more recent news events may have rendered it moot or significantly altered its meaning and trajectory by now.
  • Megatopics are often users expressing a desire for a chatroom. There’s nothing wrong with the desire for a chatroom, but chat works best in actual chat software , which is designed to host impermanent, rambling, neverending conversations about anything – and where users can create their own channels at will. For example, here’s a topic titled Ask me [warhammer] lore questions which currently has 58,283 replies… and counting.