10,000 hours on IF!

Hello again! It’s time to share a big milestone for me, which took place several days ago. This particular flight marked my 10,000th hour in Infinite Flight. Shoutout to @Larerraven and @Lion_50 for joining and witnessing this special occasion, as well as a flyover upon arrival into Toulouse!

Flight details:

Aircraft: Airbus House Livery A350-900
Sector: Auckland to Toulouse
Flight time: 21 hours 39 minutes
Server: Expert

A quick group picture at Auckland!

First aircraft departing, while others are waiting for an inbound traffic

Baby E170 coming in fast! NZAA was filled with traffic after the presence of an ATC. Thanks a lot for your service!

Anyways, more lining up shots 👀

As uneventful as it can be, fast forward to 21 hours later…

@Lion_50 and I decided to do a flyover at our home base, LFBO. We lined up on the parallel runways, at 1000 feet MSL to celebrate the completion of an ULR route, as well as the big achievement. The past 3.5 years have been enjoyable and nostalgic, from virtually visit places to meeting great people in the community. Thank you Infinite Flight and everyone that made a part of it!

We then proceeded for a pattern, and after more than 21 hours of flying, both A350s buttered the landing (and so did @Larerraven a few minutes after that)

Final picture of the day - bird’s eye view from the cockpit. Cheers to the next 10,000 hours!

Once again, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for all the support and help all along the journey in IF. I hope to see everyone in the skies, and thank you for visiting the thread - hope the pictures are nice!


Congrats! Well done, major milestone you have achieved! Hopefully you have many more hours to log! 😉🎉


Thank you! And that is for sure, I’m always on my way! See you around the skies 😉

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Excited to see you flying!