1 Year

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing?
Well today while controlling I just realized that it’s been a year and a few days since I started playing Infinite Flight.
This one year has simply gone past so quick that I didn’t even realize. In this one year Infinite Flight has taught me great stuff and I was also able to achieve great stuff.

Some of the things I achieved and learnt during this one year are:

  1. Reached grade 4
  2. Crossed more than half a million XP
  3. Learnt how to communicate with ATC
  4. Crossed 800 hours of flight time
  5. Became an IFATC specialist
  6. Became a member of this amazing community
  7. Learnt the basics of flying.
  8. Gained about 55-60 hours on IFATC in my first week of controlling.

These are some of the things I learnt and achieved in my one years time.
A special thanks to @Trio @Maxmunchy and @anon66442947 for helping me out with so many things and help me achieve what I achieved today.

How long have you been playing Infinite Flight and what all did you achieve in that duration of time? Let me know!


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