1 year, still no restore purchase button?

This game STILL has no restore purchases button. I bought the 737-800. Took a while to download them my internet broke. Pressed the buy button and THIS shows up "Purxhased Failed:7: item already owned! What the Hell.

Only iOS has a Restore Purchases button (the process has to be triggered manually on that platform). On Android there is no button since your purchases are found automatically (it will be marked with “download” if you have already purchased, provided that you are using the same Play Store account and haven’t had it refunded).

If this issue persists, contact support on this page (take screenshots of the receipt emailed to you when you purchased the IAP): http://feedback.flyingdevstudio.com/


Have you used a tool to hack IAPs at any point? If so, even if not used with the app, it can mess up everything…



I mean, my phone does, but I don’t know about android. Then again, android does have recording 😉

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