1 year since I created this account!

Hello IFC! As some of you probably know that today marks one year since I created this account! I would just like to take a second say I have made lots of friends and mistakes too, but the IFC has always been an amazing place for me to go to since I play IF and I love aviation! I would just like to thank, @United403, @Avaitor1, @Butter575, @Thomas_Cunningham, @Chopmaster, @Klas892, @Aviation_Jerry, @AirCanada11, @RagonDragon, @DeltaStan, @Darkspoul, @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek, @Mort, @VVESM4N, @Pilot_InfiniteFlight, @Kyle_stout, @Lufthansa1, @EastTexasAviationYT, @PhorzaSky, @Generic_Flyer, @Topgottem, @Flyin.Hawaiian, @Ben_Walsh, @Neva, @Wonderousbuilder641, @Zhopkins, @Ketan_Basvabovina, @UALPilot, @Ryan_15, @Ethan_Brown, @Avocado_Aviator, @plane_guy12, @IFA_YT, @anon36731834, @Ken_wei, @AvioesEJogos, @N889FQ, @JMacMcd, @FlightG, @CaptainAftab, @Rashed_Aljaghbier, @jimi747, @anon38552190, @Jayden_Castillo, and of course the people I know IRL, @Aviation2929, and @YC-International! I know this seems long but I don’t wanna leave anyone out, and if I forget anyone I do apologize. And of course I can’t forget the amazing mods @schyllberg and @Drummer who gave me one last change to prove I can learn from my mistakes and unsuspended me during my 3rd IFC suspension, so thank you!

Have a great day IFC, remember never to give up on your dreams people!


One of my first welcomes was when I did the group flight with you from O’hare to Dulles, will never forget it. Here’s to many more years to come


Thanks @Butter575! I am glad that you were one of the first people I met on the IFC!


Happy cake day!!


Have a nice cake day @AmericanB772


Happy Cake day bud, hope this day is a great one!


Happy cake day to one of the 4 OG’s!!
It’s been a wild roller coaster this past year, so cheers to to many more!


good stuff


Happy cake day 🎉

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Wow already a year its been a while i forgot i passed but you were one of the first people i met on this platform so thanks and i hope that there is a ton more to come, cheers and happy cakeday

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Happy cake day and cheers to many more!

Happy cake day! 🎉 🎂 👊

I also been banned 3 times surprisingly

Huge congrats on the milestone, it’s a pleasure helping out.

Don’t have a good cake day

have a great cake day

Happy cake day @AmericanB772!

I remember when we did a group flight to Hawaii and I had to land in the ocean to refuel. Great times

It’s been about one year for me too I think

In 5 months ;)

Happy cakeday @AmericanB772! It’s been great to know you for all this time!

Happy Cakeday! Here’s to many more years on this wonderful community!