1 year on the Infinite Flight Community

1 year ago today, I decided to create an account on the Infinite Flight Community. I didn’t get really active on the IFC forums until the New Year of 2021. Somewhere between 19.4 and 20.1 updates, I got back into Aviation, and Infinite Flight helped me regain my passion for Aviation. I can’t do more than thank everyone for my journey on Infinite Flight and help me regain a passion for Aviation.

With Infinite Flight, the $10 a month subscription was totally worth it. I learned about new aircraft, I learned a lot of things, such as ILS, GPS, and Visual approaches, SIDS and STARs, waypoints, and had a ton of fun exploring the airports around the world! It has been fun flying around for 3 hours from place to place, or 16 hours. But, onto the main reason on why I made this post.

The Infinite Flight Community has changed me as a person. I met so many new friends who taught me new things and joined many communities that revolve around Infinite Flight a year ago today. (honorable mention to Infinite Flight Worldwide). I made so many memories flying on this app. It could be flying with a whole lotta friend, or just by myself. I’d also love to give a big thanks to those who helped and joined some of my IFC events. I annoyingly made a lot of IFC events. I had many supporters, and I am most proud of my Show-Me State flyout, which had the most members joining. So I thank you all who joined and thanks for the support on all my events!

I just want to thank these people for supporting and helping me along my first year on the IFC
@Adventures @RYZ_Clarks12 @Canadian_Aviator @United2 @kalebcolumbia @Edward228 @Udeme_Ekpo @jetmanmatt @Captin_will @maxforde @LookedTree @Flightistic and many more people who unfortunately don’t have an IFC account or I don’t know what their IFC account is.

IFATC has been the biggest part of my entire time on the IFC. The IFATC community are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and is well organized and filled with good vibes, and good people who are willing to help you every step of the way! I met a lot of friends while in IFATC, and I am currently working my way to begin my Radar Training, which I hope to begin soon. I’d like to thank my first recruiter, Naro, and my current one, @Will_A, and my trainer, @AsternAviation for guiding me and helping me get into IFATC!

To the staff team, IFATC sups, and other important staff members, thank you for all the hard work you have done to make me, and many many more people in the community what we are today. You guys have worked extremely hard to give us the best possible experience on Infinite Flight, and I can’t ask much more from all of you!

To all the VAs I am in, or formerly was in, thank you for the opportunity of having me in your VA. It has been a fun experience in the VA, and I hope for more success for the VA!

To the rest of the Infinite Flight Community, Thank you for all the great memories we have made in the past year since I have joined the community. It has been the most fun experience I have had in such a long time. I am so happy that I have found a group of people who have the same interests, and that helped me and others get through the pandemic. I don’t know what more I can truly ask for. Thank you all.

Onwards to another 365 days!

happy flying!

From Smile


Of course Smile! I’m honestly glad to have met you on an amazing community especially about something I really have enjoyed since I started back in 2020. I remember first meeting you and how big idiots we’ve become since then. We crack a lot of jokes in IFW don’t we lol? But overall I’ve really enjoyed getting to hang out with you as a friend. Wishing you the best in the future :).

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👏👏Nice words

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Coincidentally, I joined exactly a year ago, only a day off from yours!



Cheers to another year!


Yes. I’m also glad to have met you smile and to have discovered IFW. Hope you have as much fun in your next year.

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