1 Year on the IFC

1 year and 2 days ago today, I had the incredible idea of creating an account on the Infinite Flight Community. (I thought my anniversary of joining the community was June 26, not 24, so that’s why I’m 2 days late) When I say this was an incredible idea, I mean it. I met so many great people here, albeit in a virtual setting and without seeing many of their faces. The beginning of the pandemic was a very tough time for many people, including myself, and these people helped me get through it with a smile instead of a frown. I would list all of them, but there are too many people to count. Anybody that joined one of my events, anybody that interacted with me in a Discord server or a PM, you make the IFC the wonderful place that it is. I truly have yet to encounter a nasty person on this forum. To the people that I am referring to, thank you, and you know who you are.

Now some of you may have noticed that the last time I posted was in late December of 2020. Some of you may have not noticed. Some of you may be relieved to see that I am inactive, although I hope that doesn’t apply to anybody. The reason I became inactive is not because of the IFC or the people here. Long story short, I broke my elbow in November and needed surgery which put my right arm out of commission for multiple months. I was unable to fly in Infinite Flight for that time period, so I canceled my subscription and eventually just lost interest. IF was truly a passion of mine from about April up until early November when I got injured, and it disappoints me that I just don’t have any interest in using the app anymore.

1 year seems like a long time, but in reality it is not. The average American lives for 78 years. One year is just over 1% of an average American’s life. But in this year I made so many memories. Not only from flying with friends, but also just chatting. I joined an Infinite Flight Discord server where I was able to talk about politics with other members which was very fun. I am currently in a fantasy baseball league with members from the IFC. And I still check in now and then to the multiple PM’s that I am a part of. I hope I created some memories from anything from an event I hosted or maybe just interacting with someone during an IFC game time.

I don’t know how active I will be looking into the future, but I felt that this post was necessary as a thank you to the IFC for providing me with a place to help get me through the difficulty of the pandemic. So thank you.


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