1 year of InfiniteFlyWings | Through Devotion, Brings Success | IFW's Official Thread | Over 6 events a week!

Welcome to InfiniteFlyWings!

The official 1 Year Anniversary thread!

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We are officiallyifvarbapproved

A message from our CEO:

As the owner of InfiniteFlyWings, professionalism is a must, therefore, we make sure that all our pilots are performing to standard or above. How do we do this? Our excellent staff team. Not only do we have 2 entry tests for new pilots, but if we feel that you are slacking in places, we will take you through a higher level test, and guide you through it to make sure you know everything and anything. If professionalism is not shown, we have a strict warning system in place, this will include not only the higher level test, but a suspension from joining our events for a selected period of time.

We aim to give you the best possible experience, how do we do this? Well, 6 events a week, fun activities, flash flights and many more should explain!

I look forward to seeing you fly your very own IFW Callsign through the skies of Infinite Flight soon!

- Harry | Founder/CEO

About us

InfiniteFlyWings was founded on the 7th June 2019, and has since grown to have over 70 members, 6 events a week, and 2 active partnerships.

Our Slogan - Sequitur per pietatem | Through Devotion, Brings Success

Not only do we have all those events, but we also have over 20 Promotions available for you to get, these vary from Flying Hours, to activity in our Discord server. This is to keep you active not only in Infinite Flight, but with us as well. The higher your rank, the cooler you look in our server! Depending on what you do with us, how many events you join, how active you are, how many hours you log, this all bridges up to whether or not you could become Member of The Month.

Member of the month is an extra special role for those that have really stood out to during their flying time with InfiniteFlyWings. A member is chose every month to become this role, and then has the highest non-staff role. Basically a massive flex.

Our events - There are 6+ a week, all in different parts of the world, different airlines and aircraft. And, if you would like us to visit a specific place or fly a certain airline, just send our Vice President a PM with the route you will like, and we will fly it! Not only can you suggest a route, but you can suggest a time that you would like, and we will do our best to fit it. Most events are below 3 hours long, but we do do a weekly long haul, this can either be an overnight flight or one during the day, so if your a fan of long hauling, be sure to join us.

IFW’s 1st Anniversary On the 7th June!

tick box Requirements

We dont have many requirements, but we do have some, so please make sure you fit them :)

  • Infinite Flight Grade 3
  • Active Infinite Fight Subscription
  • No more than 2 ATC Ghost’s in the past 12 months
  • 100 or less Violations

If you meet these requirements, please apply. Once you have applied, expect a response within the next 48 hours by email.
Do not worry if you do not meet these requirements, or if you dont pass the theory test, the main admin team will decide whether or not you can be allowed in, or if you should go through our training.

discord Communication

InfiniteFlyWings has many pilots from around the world, so having a good communication platform is mandatory. We have chosen discord to support our every day flying and chatting, so this will come in handy when applying.

Our discord server is well developed to suit everything we need, with many bots, which do things from moderating, to sending funny memes. Not only do we have bots, but we have many channels that are designed for a specific role, these are easy to use and dont cause confusion, so being with us is an un-stressful experience.

staff silhouette Staff

Our staff team has been trained and developed to make sure things get done well and professionally. They are listed below, if you have any questions about us or what they do, send them a dm!

Main Admin Team:

Founder/CEO: @Infiniteflightuk
Vice President: @if.slovenia
Supervisor: @RT6907

Events Management:

Events Planner: @DoubleAplays
Events Runner: @Alexian61
And the Main Admin Team.


And the Main Admin Team


We are currently in a strong partnership with IFOPGVO. We do monthly events with them, along with some other cool perks. Please check them out too!

Thank You for taking the time to read all about us, we hope to see you flying your IFW callsign in the skies and during our events soon!

Website | Apply! | Instagram


Now this is epic


Amazing new thread! Glad to be part of the staff team. :)


Congratulations on 1 year! Claps

We look forward to continued partnership and many more events to come!


This is awesome! In an event right now, very excited

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