1 year live subscription

Hi yall, just got 1yr subscription after my 1 month trial. Will look forward to being on live again.


Awesome I’ll see you in the sky’s ;)


@Yunkeru is just happy to share his news, nothing wrong with that. Happy flying :)

Sorry, i know its lame to be doing this, its just my excitement after 1 month of expiriencing live.

Ive enjoyed my 1 month stay on live and learning from this community and now that ive chose to commit money for a year of access so i could fly live as and when, i couldnt hold it.

If required, this can be mark for removal.

No need, hakuna matata :D Welcome and enjoy the flying & the community.

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Thanks aernout, ive heard of your approach atc work around here, hope to experience it once i get my grade 3 in advance ^^

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The pressure is on now ;) See you around buddy


Enjoy it while it lasts! Mine expired in December. Got a new one, but still.


Yep, got Live+ #2 in January :). Goal for the year: Advanced ATC.


enjoy @Yunkeru

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Same here!

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I did, tried my first advance yesterday =D

Same here.