[1 Year Celebration!] San Francisco Once Again: Bayfront Park - October 2020

[1 Year Celebration] San Francisco Once Again: Bayfront Park - October 2020

Alright, alright… I went spotting yesterday at Bayfront. But, this trip was special because it marked a completion of 1 year of spotting! The first time I went to Bayfront was back in October 2019 & I’m really glad I did.

This time when I went, everything went better than expected. The weather was perfect & I was really happy with all the pictures I got, regardless of the quality. Anyhow, here’s my pictures from Bayfront.

Let’s start with this Cathay Pacific A350-1000 headed to Hong Kong!

Then we have our Delta 757 that was headed to JFK but turned back to terminal and departed 2 hours later.

Headed to Chicago, we have our United 757 as well.

Now this one isn’t the greatest, but a UA 77W headed to Shanghai-Pudong!

Then we have the “100 years” special KLM livery on the 787-8 headed to Amsterdam!

If I take a KLM picture, I cannot forget the Air France. Here’s a 777-300ER landing from Paris CDG.

Then we’ve got our “Spirit Of The Islands” Alaska 737-800 headed to Portland!

Ofc, when thinking of islands, we can’t forget French Polynesia. Here’s the United 787-8 headed from San Francisco to Papeete!

The best one of the entire spotting session, the ANA 777!

And to complete my day of spotting: Consuming bagel sandwiches and coffee after a good day of spotting is perfect :D

Thank you for checking out my pictures, hope you liked them!
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Amazing shots, Ran!

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Really cool pictures! The ANA is so amazing!

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Really nice photo’s @ran! Congrats on 1 year of spotting!

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Thank you so much @Pingu, @Jan_W, & @Austrian001! I agree the ANA is awesome (biased but my favorite here). 1 year of spotting… time goes fast


Really nice photos !

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This is my favorite one! I saw this one at bay front last time I went but my camera did not want to work:/ Great photos!

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Nice photos!

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Congrats one one year! Huge improvements.

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Everything else looked amazing, the food though… image


Thank you @Finn-14, @USA_ATC, @Flightistic, @MJP_27, @AndrewWu, & @GreenFire! Sorry, was quite busy yesterday & couldn’t respond.

@Greenfire, how dare you eat my sandwich? jk jk, I still like the bagel sandwich, you haven’t tried it…


Do you edit your pictures besides the water mark?

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Actually, all of the pictures in this one were not edited in lightroom or anything. I just put the watermark, that’s it.

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Very nice! I need to add a water mark to mine. Just went spotting today and making my topic soon…

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