1 Year Back On Infinite Flight!

Hello IFC,

I have now been playing Infinite Flight for 1 year! (It’s really been like a year and a month but we will just roll with it!) I have actually played Infinite Flight since November of 2016, but ever since February of 2021, is actually been where I have been really into the flight sim, flying almost every day! And I’ve got to say, this sim has come a very long way! I had also gotten better as a pilot! I have improved my landing (instead of smashing it into the ground lol!), and overall improving my flying to make it more realistic. Before February of 2021, I played IF not that often. Maybe once every like 3 months and I had a 1 year subscription. Maybe only the first month I got my subscription I would play it daily. I then wasn’t that much into the simulator, but I still loved aviation. And now I got to say, ever since February of last year, my passion for aviation has gone way up! I am excited for many more years of playing IF, and watching it grow, and get better! Thanks for reading this, and happy landings!


Glad to see you’re enjoying the sim! Hope to see you flying around soon ;)


Congrats !

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