1 Year at EIVA - Thank You

Story Time

Over a year ago, I got access to the expert server. Just like your typical grade 3 newbie, I flocked the ATC controlled airports and got ghosted… many times…
I decided to take it slow from then and fly between uncontrolled airports, mostly flying between Dublin, London and Amsterdam. When flying to and from Dublin, I always saw people with the callsign EIVAxxx. I decided to investigate further and logged on to the IFC, looked up “EIVA” and found this topic.
I was quickly scrolling through it and didn’t find any link to the thread. It was then when I became more active on the IFC.

And then one faithful day, I saw the Aer Lingus VA thread bumped.
I read through it.
I applied.
I passed the test.
Here I am, one year later. And what a year it’s been.

I’ve been putting something together over the past few weeks to celebrate this. I’ve been having issues with YouTube, so I decided to embed it from Google Photos, sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.
When watching it here, make sure to go to settings → quality → 1080p for the best quality.

A massive thank you to everyone at EIVA: @Naz @Marc_Gallagher @Nicholas_Henry @Gary_Crinnion @CaptainBenjamin @AviatorJack @Ryan_Gibb @Ben_Murtagh1 @Baldeagle1 @HarryH1 @Finn_Byrne @Collins4486 @Errigal @Stubek @texasaviation @DanG387 @liamnotter @CaptainHugh @Jacob_Miller @Evan_Kearns @JulietTango @WillQ1 @Aviation108 @if.dublin @IF_Josh @DeltaEIRE @Vortex @Captain.Louis @CPT_Colorado @EI-AVA @TankiSoviet_772GT @Sharan.Somayaji @Sean_McCormack @twig @Alfie_Hunt @PDall and to everyone who sadly couldn’t stay with us @Kuba_Jaroszczyk @Patrick_McCormack and @Declan_Mcgee

Once again thank you so much for this amazing year, let’s hope there can be another great year 2!

Before I finish this topic, make sure to check out the EIVA thread. Absolutely amazing VA and so worth it.

I really hoped you enjoyed the video. Have a great day or night wherever you are
Rian O’Shea


Awesome video, congrats on 1 year at EIVA!

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Neeeeee! Really great work on that lad:) Congratulations on one year with EIVA! @Rian16


Congratulations Rian! 👍👏 Huge achievement. It was great to see you in the skies above Ireland and at at the gate beside me and the other lads in Dublin. 🇮🇪🍀 Here’s to another fantastic year for you at Aer Lingus VA🍾.


Delighted to have you at EIVA Rian, at the end of the day its the pilots that makes EIVA what it is today and here’s hoping for another great year for the VA with plenty in store! I would honestly highly recommend this VA, always a conversation flowing in the crew lounge and weekly VA group flights which bring the VA together ☘✈


Congrats, EIVA sounds interesting, I will join soon ✈️


Mad how quick a year goes, some good memories Rian!


The gift that keeps giving x

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Glad to be in EIVA bro, big congrats on 1 year man your doing very well! Keep up the good work lad 🎉👍


A truly amazing VA. Glad you’re part of it 💪 amazing video! Might need to give you a media manager staff role 👀

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Fantastic video,

Great views and a great choice of music! Very nicely put together Rian and congrats for the 1 year anniversary. ☘️

I knew EIVA will be thriving for a long time thanks to the great staff here in the home base. Wishing every pilot and staff a good luck into the second year! 🥂


@Rian16 i have made a massive friendship with you. You make me laugh I’m having a bad day. I really appreciate you Rian for the things you do. EIVA we all support each other. We are a family and I really love being here. I hope you will enjoy the moment.

From Josh

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great job on reaching 2 years on the ifc. I just celebrated my 1st anniversary about one month ago.

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Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it:)

Goway Sharan neeeeeeeeeeee
Thank you!

Thanks so much Patrick, sure was great to see you with us, not only in EIVA but also FRVA👀👀



Hehe last night was mental haha

Thanks! Hope to see you with us very soon:)

Sure is. Lot of good memories indeed!

A man imagine that never happened you wouldn’t have been blessed with my presence🥵

Thanks a million Kyle!

Thanks Ryan! That staff position sounds very interesting👀

Thank you so much Kuba!!

Sure is going well… we miss you!

Ah man that’s so nice to hear. EIVA is family indeed💚💚

Thank you and congrats on your anniversary. I think you’re a bit confused though, my 2nd anniversary is in June haha


Congratulations on 1 year @Rian16! I’m closing in on my anniversary too so we joined fairly close to each other. Great to see you at EIVA after 1 year bud 🇮🇪☘

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Thanks a lot Luke! Congrats in advance:)

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Congratulations on one year within the VA Rian!! My one year is also coming up shortly, and it has been a blast. I’ve been in 9 VAs total most of which I’m still in and have to say EIVA tops number 1 easily. Not because of the routes or the airline it resembles (which are still fantastic don’t get me wrong) but it’s because of the people within the VA. The Irish banter we all have in it is pure class. Don’t actually think I’ve gone one day yet without laughing at something someone says or does. Weather it’s @CaptainHugh being his usual brain dead self. Or @twig sending in them weird gifs 😂😬😬 the craic is mighty. Very happy for you mate!!



Bold boys both of you



Hugh for you it goes down about 100%