#1 Worlds Hardest Approaches [KASE]

Worlds Hardest Approaches KASE ILS 15

Welcome to the newest community series of Worlds Hardest Approaches, hopefully I will update, by adding a new thread every week about certain approaches into certain areas.

Firstly these routes are mostly without an approach chart, so please just follow the info displayed below. :)

Aspen PIitkin Co Sardy FLD


Real World Charts: (Not directly related to my approach)

Not my charts: https://es.flightaware.com/resources/airport/KASE/IAP/all/pdf

Route: This route is draw out, it doesn’t come with an approach chat.

Please remember these headings (HDG) arent not exact but what are rough directions:



If your going to put this up at leased use the real world approach into ASE.

Its just a fun approach, I can get the proper approach charts if I must?

Check here for the STAR for your desired runway.

Well the real approach is twice as hard as that and twice as steep but it’s up to you

Thanks sturmovik, will follow through with it!

You´re welcome!

Brandon is there a link to this approach, I have searched for a few but cant find anything accurate.

Don’t have a link but here you go.

There is no ILS approach there so you will never find that one.

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What about the chart? Is it helpful? If not I can search for something else.

Yes I found it than, ha ha the page was in a different language so it was hard to browse

Which one? Spanish? If so, only the general page is like that, the important information is in English.

Spanish, yes, bit confusing

I thought the language changed for every country automatically. Sorry for that.

Alright @Sturmovik & @Brandon_Sandstrom I added the charts from the flightaware website, your chart that you showed me brandon is up there. Hope its better :)

Thank you for this. My phone is broken or else I’d try the actual approach right now

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Why do people struggle with the KASE approach?

Could you not put (1) at the beginning? It’s very misleading and baity.


Isnt that the point :), na its okay Ill change it.