1 Star Rate

I use one of the Sample (Android Users)

To be honest, I’m Confused why they gave IF 1 star rate only because Paid Regions or Paid Live or Paid Planes or etc.

Still, a 4.4 rating is an amazing rating for an app.


It’s the people that

  1. Hate the IAPs so they spam 1 star ratings because they want everything free
  2. They’re old IF users that like X-Plane 10 and/or Aerofly 2 better and are now spam hating IF.

It does really nothing considering how many normal people there are giving 4-5 ratings 😂.

And it’s not just restricted to IF: Many purchases Or rating services tend to have many 1 star ratings too. Mainly pre-pubescent kids that want to be “rebels” so they try and give the worst vote possible. Internet needs an age limit IMO.

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