1 Picture! @ KATL

I went on an adventure to Macon! Meanwhile i passed the Porsche Experience Center in Downtown ATL next to the Hartsfield!

I will go back to Hartsfield in the Travel Season as KATL doesnt have much traffic now! Any tips for when i go back?



I drive by there a lot and see the Porsche place.
Nice pic.

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Great photo! I don’t know much about KATL but I’ve seen other photographers take amazing runway shots. Maybe try that? I’m very excited to see your results!

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ATL is probably best towards the afternoon when heavies come to town. The parking decks at Terminal T are a great spot, and terminal F parking deck is also a nice spot. There are good spots off Old Dixie Road which is just east of the airport.

This one picture I think is borderline on the quality requirements so try to make the best of your photos.

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