1 Part. December 27, 2015. American Eagle (Envoy Air) Embraer ERJ-145LR. ENY3617 KMEM-KORD. 1h 17m

Hi everyone,

December 27, 2015.

I took it to my home in Seattle the flight was from Memphis via Chicago airport only and was on vacation and already visiting my family for Merry Christmas only but I had my last final day visit to their family in Hamilton, Alabama, and said goodbye to them and Mississippi, too at the end of December 27, 2015 period. I have no longer lived with or visited family/friends members unless it was communicated from the internet that was other social media to provide for the crisis of the town. I had no guarantee to them and missed them for a very long time that year and I am not going to them anymore. Farewell to Alabama and Mississippi.

My mom and I went to ride the car that was a commuter from Hamilton, Alabama through Memphis, Tennessee by freeway out of town over Northern Mississippi took 2 hours. We had been stopped at Memphis International Airport (KMEM/MEM). I was left to go ride the fly from MEM to ORD and my mom left to go home in Alabama the freeway over Mississippi took 2 hours, too.

I got my old smartphone the camera was an iPhone 6 (Apple) and the interior was on the seat but didn’t watch it at the window on the flight.

  • Flight ENY3617 departed at 10:58 am from KMEM/MEM to KORD/ORD and arrived at 12:15 pm and took 1h 17m.

  1. FedEx Express Airbus A310-300F was a landing at KMEM/MEM.

  1. That was my flight ENY3617. American Eagle (Envoy Air) Embraer ERJ-145LR (N686AE). Gate C, KMEM/MEM

  1. Gate C, N686AE. KMEM/MEM.

  1. The flight to go interior of the plane.

  1. American Airlines (N850NN) Boeing 737-800 fly to KDFW/DFW was traded from McDonnell Douglas MD-82/83.

  1. The book aircraft fleet lists.

  1. Also too book.

  1. American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-700 at gate G, KORD/ORD.

  1. More passengers to time holiday indoors at the airport. Terminal 3, KORD/ORD.

  1. American Airlines (N564AA) McDonnell Douglas MD-83.

Flight 1585 STL-ORD.
Flight 1548 ORD-MSP.
Flight 1020 MSP-ORD.
Flight 2270 ORD-AUS.

Please any questions?

Happy Flying, AJ Johnson!


FlightAware, I got my old iPad 4 (Apple).

  1. For tracking FlightAware.

  1. Takeoff from KMEM/MEM.

  1. Zoom out.

  1. Midwestern (North).

  1. Arrived at KORD/ORD.

  1. Between Central and Eastern.

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