1 on 1 frequency between pilots?

Good day everyone.

I have been thinking about this for awhile. What I think would be a really cool addition for IF would be an additional radio frequency for only 1 pilots. You could click a pilot on the map, click “request chat” or something along that line. IF AND ONLY IF the other pilots accepts, then the two pilots will be able to have a chat while in the air. In this frequency you will still be able to talk to ‘center’ or ‘approach’ or which ever frequency you are on with ATC. This would allow pilots to talk with other pilots in the sky while flying, almost like a separate personal frequency IRL.

Messages you can send:

Part of the reason why I thought about this is the ‘misc. messages’ when talking to ATC is disappointing. Personally if a controller is busy I want to talk with the controller, see how they are, is the coffee still warm in that tower…? lol

If this would come into play or at least more misc. messages, I would like to see the following messages;

Format: Question
- Possible answers

  1. How are you today?
    -Good, Bad
  2. How’s the wind?
    - 53kts, perfect conditions, could be better etc…

Even if a frequency won’t be made, and if it’s just additional misc. messages I still think that being able to talk to/ with another fellow pilot you meet on a flight would be a great addition.

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