1$ more and get an Atc application


As i said, details can be modified by devs.

Maybe you wouldn’t want to pay for an extra Atc app but this would be good for newcomers.


I will pay 5$+1$. I can use myself or i can share it with my friends, sibling or cousin etc.

Normally they wouldn’t think to buy a game but after entertaining and succesful flight operation sessions, they can choose to buy original pack. And they will have right to have another plus option for other newcomers.

@oscar_mur i am talking about monthly subscription. I don’t know about yearly.

Each month, you will pay for main account + 1$ for plus (optional).

And i don’t remember how much is main account. I use another money currency and also price for plus could be changed, 1$, 2$ etc. But 1$ would be better.


Don’t you need to pay another 80$ just to have access to the servers and some planes?