1$ more and get an Atc application


I had a similar topic and was closed but this feature is really really different.

I am explaining now! And price or type of application can be changed.


  1. I have an active subscription for IF. I can do fly or manage Atc.

  2. I pay 1$ more and i will get a desktop version or something like that (maybe bluestacks app or a second mobile device app but just contains Atc operations. If my main subscription ends, it will be ended too.). Let’s say “IF:ex” or “IF+”.

  3. I am doing my flight and i can open this application in another device (as i described; in the computer or other mobile device) with User Account or a little registration.

  4. I can do my long haul flight and i can operate ATC when i want.


  1. I have a brother/sister or friend. And i will let him/her use this second application.

  2. They will operate ATC and they can help me and other aircrafts to land.

  3. They will get this application (without flight option) just for 1$ (or i pay an extra 1$ for them and i will give them access passwords) and if they like it they can get a new subscription (with my reference or related to my main account).

  4. It will help to raise game knowledge and it will bring more social activities.

  5. We can see more and more opened ATCs.

  6. It is not a complicated feature. Everything is clear.

  7. Just a new application or expansion with extra price. If we paid for it, we can’t end this subscription without needed to end main subscription.

I will do after discussions and i need to get technical possibility answers.

This suggestion has already been declined under a previous topic suggesting something similar. You can either control or fly. Not both. A pilot should focus on flying and a controller should focus on controlling.

This wouldn’t be quality ATC. Might work for Training but definitely not for Expert. Also: It is your account. Giving this „extension“ to some one else would distort your own statistics.

I’d rather have only a few high quality stations instead of a lot unusable ones.

Of course it is. It would require FDS to develop and publish an all new plattform for PC. And 1$ is nothing for that effort.

So, to summarize: I won’t vote for this as I think it’s not a necessary addition based on my previous comments. But thank you for your suggestion.

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I described a few choices, PC app or mobile devices.

It’s a good request, but with the effort needed to make this happen, in this case at least $4 minimum.

There is already exist seperate options for ATC, Live Flight and Solo Flight.

And it will bring a 2nd ATC option and main user will decide this feature.

Also it can help you to play with your brother/sister or friends and you can operate seperate parts of Atc.

You can be tower, he/she can be ground or approach.

This option will be benefit for TS especially.

And because the account is under your control, there will be no problem about gaming quality. You can manage your teammate at the same time.

If your friend or sibling make something wrong; then cancel his/her 1$ account for next month.

And as you know, there are already so many trolls, even as Atc.

This will spread game knowledge, usage and within quality.

The 1$ payment. Is it a one time only, where you get to try it our for a certain period of time? I understand that this 1$ extra would allow another user to i.e operate ATC but for how long and will they be able to just pay 1$ every time they want to control. Wouldn’t that be major loss on developers side?

It will be monthly

Think about;

I bought a monthly subscribe for 5$.

Then i will buy IF+ monthly subscribe for 1$.

I can play Solo, Online and Atc operations.
I also can play IF+ (but just atc) with another device, desktop or bluestacks (developers will choose due to technical details).

If i cancel IF+ subscription, it will be ended for next month.

If i cancel my IF subscription, it will be ended for next month.

If i cancel both subscriptions, they will be ended for next month.

And this well, rather cheap subscription allow you to only be ATC or will you be able to fly as a Pilot too?

In my opinion there wasn’t pilot but if devs says another, i don’t know.

I just have requested a model of subsciption.

It is, I must say, a interesting concept. So you have to have a main account, with a normal subscription, and from that account you can pay less for the same experience on the same account, correct?


I have main account.


I buy plus myself or for my sibling or friend.


I can use that second account myself, with my friend or sibling. It depends on password share etc.

And to get Plus, do create another account for that or use the main one?

I can not say certain words about it. Devs can check theirselves, technical possibilities, performance issues etc.

But i am sure that it will help to spread game knowledge for all potential users.

It can be a basic sharing code. Similar with Steam for example. Enter a code or maybe an additional account. Devs can solve this.

Well in that case, my honest opinion would be that this sounds like a pretty good idea, although 1$ is very cheap to be honest with you. And if you were to gain access to Plus through a currently existing account then this might work but if you make a new account to get Plus, where you pay like 1$ then I don’t think that’ll be profitable enough, and in that circumstance, IF LLC will have to put restrictions for the lower cost version. That’s what I personally think.

No no, plus will require to have main account. It means 5$+1$ (optional)

And this is acceptable amount for users i suppose.

Why don’t your friend just buy a account? Why do you have to buy it for them?

You are both using the same resources so I don’t see a benefit from different pricing model. A separate app means additional overhead to maintain it. I personally don’t see this happening.

I know you are looking to be able to do something while cruising but I don’t think this is the answer.

Wait a second, is a monthly subscription today only 5$ (taxes included and all)? That sounds ridiculously low…

And also what if your friends wants to fly, that would add another possibility for him, which would lead to his Plus version of the game become a little more expensive… so in the end, why not just buy a normal subscription?

I struggle a bit here. Are you proposing a dedicated ATC app for IF?
And this dedicated app would work under the same account as your IF ‘flying’ app?
And you propose then that you would use the ATC app, and someone else would use your flying app?

It seems like an interesting idea if it was done right. There are so many problems with it happening at the moment. Personally I wouldn’t pay anything for the additional ATC feature as it is so basic and unrealistic it’s laughable, before an external app for ATC is made I think they should really focus on making the ATC experience somewhat realistic considering they have a federal air traffic controller working for them it shouldn’t be too hard.