1 month of infinite flight

Hey everyone, hope all your families are well.
I have a question, is there any way I can buy 1 month of infinite flight to a friend without putting any payment information ?

Thank you, I’ll check all your answers!!

Without putting any payment information on his devise

What I meen is buying from my device 1 month of infinite flight to my friend

I don’t think so but you can give him 10 dollars and tell him to use it for IF

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😂😂😂😂 nice one, but we live in different countries

Hmmm. Maybe you can Venmo, Apple Pay

Aaaa great idea

Get them a gift card for the amount

The power of PayPal! That’s what @Dan used when he gave away 1 IF pro to a lucky giveaway winner

Ehh it takes longer to send them

Check this out - I don’t think you can gift in-app purchases, but you can definitely give gift card money.

EDIT: Can only be done when in the same country as them

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Yeah! That might work too… I prefer pay pal though… easy and safe!

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If both parties have an Apple device that should work real nice since Apple Pay can be used directly for iTunes purchases…

That’ll require him to link his Apple ID up to his PayPal account, which I think the OP said he didn’t want to put in payment info?

We’ll see what works best for him.

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I’d just tell your friend to let you login on his account and then you buy him the subscription. Idk if that’s against TOS tho

I wouldn’t be giving out my Apple ID to anyone, that’s a pretty big safety risk as it contains payment info, etc…

Gifting credits to someone else’s apple ID is the most efficient/safest way to get funds from one account to another.

I’m talking about the infinite flight account.

That would require him giving out his Gmail/Facebook password, which I wouldn’t recommend either.
The two of them wouldn’t be able to fly at the same time as once one of them open IF, the other gets kicked out. I’m also pretty sure that may break the ToS. Let me take a look.

PayPal for world wide and gift cards if in your own region


I send him an Apple gift card by email.!