1 Million XP milestone flight ( KSEA - PAJN )

Welcome aboard Alaska 119 from Seattle to Juneau
Flight time - 2hrs 12mins
Equipment- B737-900
Flight level - 36000ft


Taxing to Rwy 16L - departing North


Reaching our final cruise level of 36000ft

Banking right for our final approach onto rwy 08

Found a nice area for plane spotting :)

On time arrival to our gate and ready to disembark

Reaching the milestone

I’d like to finally say that reaching this goal has been such a learning experience. With no violations to date, I’d like to thank all those amazing people involved creating the ground school and Flight tutorials. The proof is in the pudding that they are extremely useful. You’ve given me such a wealth of knowledge, and hope to continue to learn much more throughout 2022.


Congratulations on the XP. 👍🏼👏🏼

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Congrats on your achievement


Nice! I think I saw you! Was there ATC?

Not for this flight, but previous to this I was at KSFO on route to Seattle.

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Ok did you see a Q400 takeoff before you?

Nice shots !! Love the one with the mountains and the fog… also congratulations 🔥

I’ll check the replay when I can. Were you at KSFO as well?

Thanks mate. Flying in the Alaska region is highly underrated.

I like this photo!

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No I wasn’t


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Congrats ! And really nice shots ! I like your right turn on final !

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