1 million XP Flight

Hello there! Personally, I hate those annoying milestone topics, but this is technically a screenshot topic, so I can sleep easy tonight! After my flight earlier today, I am now part of the increasingly-less-exclusive-thanks-to-me 1 million XP club!

Route: OEMA - WIII
Time: 09:17
Server: Expert (duh)

Takeoff from OEMA with the beautiful International Terminal in the background

Landing at WIII, after most of the evening traffic was already gone

Oh lookie, my account card:

It’s been great flying with a whole bunch of you, as well as working with IFAET. Cheers to the next million! 🍻

For those wondering, I started flying online in InfiniteFlight from June 2022.


Great job! That is not easy :0

Good job 👏


Congrats brother!

I need 5000 exp for the two million

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I dunno why you hate those, but cool.

Love this route!

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