1 Million XP Flight!

Hey guys, so I’ve been actively flying on Infinite Flight for just over a year now. My first ever flight was last year on November 10th. Well as we pass over the year mark, I hit another milestone. I’ve finally hit 1 Million XP! What better way to celebrate with a nice long haul for the best VA ever @OldAirChinaVirtual! So this was the flight that got me to 1 million I hope you enjoy.

Server: Expert
⏰: 12.35
📌 : RKSI —> KJFK
✈️ : Asiana (OZ) A359

Tucking the feet up as we hit positive climb

A very slow climb out of Seoul

After a slow step climb we arrive into the Alaskan Mountains

Sunrise vibes off the coast of Lake Michigan

Racing the sunset over New York’s Newark International Airport

100…50…40…30…20…10 (Coming in a bit low on JFK’s 31L

Engines off after the short taxi to Terminal 1

Which was your favorite?!
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Hey all please leave feedback, I hope they were good!!


Lovely job! I love number 4 as my favorite

Thank you!! I love cockpit views as well 😍

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As much as I love my Lake Michigan, that New York City picture is just stunning! Congrats on the huge milestone!!

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Thanks Jarrett! I loved flying through the New York sunrise :)

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Favourite shots here are 4 & 6, can’t vote for both but they are!

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Ohh! Nice photos! Congratulations as well!

I saw you flying this route earlier!

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All were good!! And congratulations you get 1 million xp

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Thank you!!

Thank you so much!! Where’d you see me 👀

Much appreciated!! :)

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I saw you approaching KJFK on left base

Ah ok were u on the ground or in the air?

I was on the ground at a different airport

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Congrats on 1 mil! The cockpit shot is nice!

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We at Air China Virtual congratulate you, Alex, on your huge achievement of the Beige name color on Infinite Flight as well as the 1,000,000 XP! Do you know what is also a monumental achievement? This flight got you your 750’th hour at CAVA! Congrats and thank you for flying with us so much! We’re glad to hear you like the VA! ;)


The 3rd one is so good 😍 So much detail I just LOVE it! Congrats on 1m XP!

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Congratulations your first 1 million and welcome to the club you have continue to get 10 million we want to see you top of the list dear .
And good job with all pictures i love them all .

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Thank you so much!!

Thank you!! And 10 million, idk if that will happen haha

Thank you so much, it means a lot. Cant wait to hit that 1,000 hour mark for you guys

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Thank you so much for the kind words

Congrats on 1 Million! Really nice photos!

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