1 in-app purchase plane?

Hi everyone, if I was to be able to get one plane that you have to buy what should I get?

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Buy a plane from the 787 family. Why? Because it has wingflex and 4K textures.


I would probably go for the 787, that’s the latest added plane to the simulator, and has some cool features like wing flex and 4k textures :)

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797-900 or the dash 8. 787 is better but I also like to fly into small airports, island hopping and London city approach is fun in the dash8. Both have great flight dynamics. Wing flex is cool on the 787 but I can’t fully enjoy it until the floating point bug is fixed.

i dont like 787 cant fly them. i have them and a320 and 737 800 too. These (a320 and 738) are good but thats up to you

Hmm, if you have 2 jet planes. Maybe a turboprop like the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400? :)

uhm i have it and embraer 190 too

Ah okay cool, I might get the 787-10 then

Nah since I have the 737-700 with the game doesn’t seem worthwhile to get a slightly bigger version of it

lol I prefer good ol’ turbofan and the modern planes

I would personally recommend the A320.

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I do like the 737-800 and a320 since they are sort of the common planes but since the 737-700 comes with the game doesn’t rly seem worth it

The real advise is buy the aircraft that is your favorite because regardless of what it has, your favorite will always be a joy to fly.

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Yeah, definiteky considering one of the 787s or possibly waiting to see if they add the a350 as that thing is awezome

Unless you’re favourite aircraft is the 757, A330, or A340. Ugh, nose down cruising.

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787-8 for cooler liveries, 787-9 for liveries you know. You decide.

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They are completely different.

The A320 has APPR Mode
The A320 has better Physics
The A320 has an HD Cockpit
The A320 has cockpit and exterior Lights

Still, feels too similar to be worthwhile to me.

Is it worth considering the 787-10?

ERJ 195 is good for only £2.49