( 1 in 3 Attended, Finished!) Let’s Celebrate Infinite Flight’s 8th Anniversary! @KSFO 251900ZAPR19

@IF787 I’ll add you! Enjoy.

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You can start reserving your gates! Event is in a few days! We will have IFATC taking over in this event!

I NEED to join! I love infinite flight, and always will! I will be a Boeing 787-9.

@A350iscool We will only fly the Infinite Flight FDS liveries. The 787-9 does not contain any Infinite Flight livery so I don’t think I will add it. If you want I’ll switch the aircraft to the 787-8.

Yes please, sorry about that. I don’t know the liveries!

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@A350iscool I’ll add you. Thanks for joining in. You will be next to all of us. 😉

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The event starts in Thursday! There is only 3 days left!

I may reserve a few GA Gates for the TBM if needed. Please let me know and I’ll add it. 👍

Can I join the event please ?

I will take the 787 with the IF livery

@alexandre.g bonjour! you are now added!

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Hey! Is there any possibility taking a military plane such as A-10?

@Captain_Adri The A-10 does not contain any FDS livery so unfortunately not on this event. You can use the TBM-930 instead on any of the GA Gates. 👍

Okay, let me think it and I will contact you asap with the resolution. Still don’t know if I can attend

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Guys we have up to 60 hours left! Please let me know if any of you will volunteer. It is a great event but we need a little more attendants. The Flightplan will be filed a day prior the start, which is tomorrow! We will have IFATC in that particular day.

We have a full day left!

If anyone wants to sign up please let me know.

I’ll se my schedule

Just realized it will be during school… so sorry… can’t attend

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That’s fine. I guess I’ll be the only one here. 🤣
Could create this event a month ago.

I’ll join with the MD11.