( 1 in 3 Attended, Finished!) Let’s Celebrate Infinite Flight’s 8th Anniversary! @KSFO 251900ZAPR19

Just on the 25th of April, 2011, Infinite Flight first has made its first release! To celebrate this I am creating an awesome event! This Simulator has gone so far ahead over these past years.

The Development Team is quite small, but strong. Many, many major updates have went through in the past that became a massive game changer. In the 11th of October 2017, version 17.04 came out, which is the Global, having Infinite Flight one of the biggest and most successful updates into the game.

Main Information.

Server: Expert

Airport: KSFO

Time: 1900Z 2019-04-25T19:00:00Z

Aircrafts / Liveries: Any Infinite Flight Development Livery.

Route: The obvious KSFO - KLAX Route!


Since the recent server changed I will assign gates. Just to make it clear for everyone taking part.

Routes and Flight Plan will be established soon!

No messing. Please be respectful to others when waiting in line or in any other certain situation.

Gate Assignments

The Gates are taking place in San Francisco’s International Terminal.

Gate Attendant Aircraft
International Terminal Gate A02 @Kuba_Jaroszczyk Boeing 787-8
International Terminal Gate A04 None Boeing 737-700 BBJ
International Terminal Gate A06 None Boeing 787-8
International Terminal Gate A08 @alexandre.g Boeing 787-8
International Terminal Gate A10A None None
International Terminal Gate A12 None None
International Terminal Gate A11A None None
International Terminal Gate A09 None None
International Terminal Gate A07 None None
International Terminal Gate A05 None None
International Terminal Gate A03B None None
International Terminal Gate A03 None None
International Terminal Gate A01B None None
International Terminal Gate A01 None None
International Terminal Gate A01A None None

More Gates to be added. International Terminal G Gates.

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Do you need atc I can do ground or tower?

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This is training, these airports always have ATC, but Mabel not good ones.

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I been doing atc for 2 years in the game

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Just to correct is this the 8th or the 9th Anniversary? Since I.F. was released?

It’s on a school day at 8AM EST. I will fly around A LOT that afternoon

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I would put this on Expert, so more people would come (:


Would love to come, but ill be flying back to NY at 8:00 AM 😶

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Guys, So What time would you all recommend me to use?

I’ll change the time to the late afternoon then, since the time here in the U.S is too early, some heading off to work. :/

I would recommend doing it on expert you will get more people and it will be more realistic as all the trolls and bad ATC at KLAX on training

Also the time is wrong. Adjust 2 hours to the local time clock. So if it’s 1pm BST it should be 3pm BST

2000Z would work just fine for me, as if it’s on expert that day, there will be IFATC at KSFO that day.

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Also it’s the 8th anniversary btw. You should either, Change this to the Expert and switch the time. Or chose a different airport and also change the time.

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I will do that so! 👍

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A few changes have been made. The server has been moved and the time has been changed. Hopefully this would work out a little better.

The title says 1400Z while the post says 1900Z. Can you correct either so I can add it to the Community Events Calendar and so others don’t get confused?


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The event starts at 1900Z not to get confused. I’ll change that quick. Thanks for the reminder.

GATES Are Now Assigned! Reserve now if you can!

There are more gates to be added. A Flight Plan will be published later this evening.

I’ll take a gate please
737-700 BBJ
IF 2018 livery