1 Hour Spotting @ KEWR - 4/8/2018

1 Hour Spotting - 4/8/2018

Hello everyone! I had a free hour today, so I decided to grab my camera and go spotting for an hour. This was my first official plane spotting session, and I’m pretty proud of the results for my first try. There’s definitely room for improvement, so if you have any tips, please PM me. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!




Canon Rebel T6i
75-300 Millimeter Zoom Lense

N69020 - United - Boeing 777-200ER

N653UA - United (Star Alliance Livery) - Boeing 767-300ER

N464WN - Southwest (Canyon Blue Livery) - Boeing 737-700

N78017 - United (Star Alliance Livery) - Boeing 777-200ER

N27190 - United Express - Embraer ERJ-145XR

N63890 - United - Boeing 737-900ER

N893UA - United - Airbus A319-100

N8682B - Southwest - Boeing 737-800

N665JB - JetBlue - Airbus A320-200

N679NK - Spirit - Airbus A321-200

N855UA - United - Airbus A319-100

N41140 - United - Boeing 757-200

N76062 - United - Boeing 767-400ER

N557UW - American Airlines - Airbus A321-200

P4-MES - Global Jet Luxembourg - Boeing 767-300ER

N11193 - United Express - ERJ-145XR

N27205 - United - Boeing 737-800

C-GKQA - Porter - Bombardier Dash-8 Q400

N669UA - United - Boeing 767-300ER

N721YX - United Express - Embraer ERJ-175LR

N726YX - United Express - Embraer ERJ-175LR

N33182 - United Express - Embraer ERJ-145XR

N34137 - United - Boeing 757-200

N928AT - Delta Air Lines - Boeing 717-200

N37253 - United - Boeing 737-800

N14107 - United - Boeing 757-200

N12569 - United Express - Embraer ERJ-145LR

N662NK - Spirit - Airbus A321-200

N78003 - United - Boeing 777-200ER

N810UA - United - Airbus A319-100

N153PQ - Delta Connection - Bombardier CRJ-900LR

N561JB - JetBlue - Airbus A320-200

LN-RKM - SAS - Airbus A330-300

Which one was your favorite? Let me know below!

All of these images are owned by me. Please do not use them unless given written permission. Thanks!


Good job! You should do this again.
Nice shot of that Scandinavian a333.

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@Delta319 Thank You! :)

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Where was this? Also you should try a new location for full shots of the plane, nonetheless good shots!coming from someone who has never spotted

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Awesome shots! Really like the SAS at the end.

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@kylen15 I’d rather not disclose where I live, but thanks for the advice! :)

Thanks @Cbro4! The SAS is one of my favorites too. :)

the last one is amazing!!! Good job :) @jakevaz423

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What airport was this?

He is in Houston :)

EDIT: whoops, as @Delta319 pointed out, it’s actually KEWR.

Great shots, as always!


KEWR, Newark Liberty Int’l


Great picntures, Jake! Next time, I would recommend to scoot as far back from the plane as you can. This way you’ll see the full plane, and not just the bottom of the plane.

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Awesome pictures! N78003 is my favorite; I love the 777!

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In an hour, you were able to spot 30+ aircraft? Wow. My personal favorite is United Express Embraer 145.

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@Ryan_Vidad Yep. 34 aircraft to be exact. Probably one every minute and a half! Thanks! :)

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Jake - these are golden! Keep up the good work!

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Great shots for sure! I’m not sure if anyone had mentioned it yet, but different angles would be nice! Can’t wait to see future photos!

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@Klax.aviation Yep, I agree. I was in a pretty tight spot and couldn’t really move to get different angles. I will try to get better angles in the future though! :)

Nice pictures- need more AA picture

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@Mark_Sollars AA rarely serves the airport I was at, but I will try to get to other airports where AA is based. :)