1 Hour in 30 Seconds - In Nassau Runway 14

Hello my fellow IFC members! This morning around 14:00Z I had an idea. What if I went to a busy airport and made a time lapse of the runway? Well, I put that plan into action. I went to runway 14 at MYNN, and the biggest plane I saw was a 747. This was on the expert server. I hope you enjoy!

First I’ll go through some cool photos I got in the replay and then onto the time lapse I tried to be not so heavy with the edits sorry if it is:

This first photo was of an American A321 lining up

My second photo is two 777s

British Airways A320 Landing

And finally for my last photo I got an overhead view of a cargolux 747 and a delta 737

Here’s the time lapse!


Nice pics 👍🏽👍🏽


Loved it bud, keep up the great work!

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I think this is a great concept and could really work well, but I think If you changed the camera angle so we could see more of the liveries, instead of just staring up at the tails of them.
Just my opinion. Keep up the great work!

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You’re allowed not to like the media… but saying that you don’t like it without explaining why is pointless, in my opinion.

I like the photos, especially the BA landing shot. Nice colors.


Yeah I thought about that. I will do that next time, thanks for the suggestion!

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