{1 Gate Left! Partnered with Plane & Pilot and Southwest Virtual} Southwest Says Aloha! @ KSJC - 051800ZMAY19


Sign me up please


I’ll get you a gate! Thanks for signing up!


Only 3 gates left! Get them while you can!

I may add more as said previously!


Sign me up Mr.


I’ve added you to the event! See you there!


Only 2 gates left!

With a few more people, I will add gates 1-9!


Could you please add to me gate for this event?


Welcome to the community! I will sign you up for Gate 29! See you there!


Sign up and I’ll add more gates!


I need to cancel, I’m sorry about this but I need to cancel.


I’ve removed you from the event :(

Hope you can attend another one of my events! Cough Cough San Francisco Flyout Cough Cough

Thanks for letting me know!


Be sure to sign up!


Haven’t had a sign-up in a while! Remember to grab a gate!


I’ll take any gate !! See you there


Thanks for signing up! I’ve moved you to Gate 18, but if you have a preference, let me know!

See you there!


That leaves 1 gate!

I’ll add more if that one is taken!


I will take the very last gate! Callsign SWA625


Darn you beat me to it haha


Don’t worry! I’ll be adding more gates as everything is now filled up :)


More gates have been added! Sign up now before those are taken as well!