{1 Gate Left! Partnered with Plane & Pilot and Southwest Virtual} Southwest Says Aloha! @ KSJC - 051800ZMAY19


Can I get the last gate?


Sure thing! I’ve added you too the event and see you there!


My callsign is ORCA19


You should change the title to say that it is full, cause it is now.


Since the event is now full, I will be adding more gates!

This will be done sometime today! So sign up right now before they are taken as well!


More gates have been added! Hurry before they are all gone!


If I am correct, this event is at 2019-05-05T17:00:00Z


It will be at this time actually: 2019-05-05T18:00:00Z!

Just 1 hour after the time you gave!


Okay! That is 11am in my time zone (PT)


I am in the Pacific Time Zone as well :)


Hey there, I’ll take a gate. 😉


In CA or other, I’m in CA!


Callsign; SWA2886


I’ve added you to the event! See you there ;)


Sign me up!


I’ve added you to the event! See you there!

Only 5 gates are left! If needed, I will add gates 1-9 :)


Call sign will be SWA304


Gate 11 SWA 1503


Thanks for signing up! I 've added you to the event and see you there!


Sign up! There are only 4 gates left!

If those gates are filled, I may add Gates 1-9 at San Jose!