{1 Gate Left! Partnered with Plane & Pilot and Southwest Virtual} Southwest Says Aloha! @ KSJC - 051800ZMAY19


Ok? Add me to standby then


I have already added you 😁

See you there hopefully


More gates have been added!

If you are on StandBy and would like a gate, let me know! There are only 4 extra gates so be sure to sign up as soon as possible!

@jakey2_0 Would you like me to add you now?



How would I know…

Can’t join this one folks. Maybe next time.


Hope to see you at another one of my events!


Yes, I would please


@jakey2_0 I have added you to the event! See you there!

That leaves 3 gates open! Get them soon!


Would like to be added to standby,


I’ve added you to StandBy! Hope to see you there!


Still plenty of time to sign up!


Partnered with Plane & Pilot Events

More Info

This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @Peter_S.


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Still time to sign up!


Sign up! Only 3 gates are left!

If more people join, I can add more gates!


May I take gate 16?
My callsign is SWA607


Sure! Thanks for signing up!

See you there!


Only 2 gates are left!

I may add more gates if more people show interest!


Can I get gate 17 please?


Sure! I’ve added you to the event! See you there!


Only 1 gate left! Be sure to sign up!


Thank you! See you there!