1+F Flaps (Airbus)

What does the +F mean in the 1+F flaps mode.

I understand Airbus name their flaps 1, 2, 3, F (full) and this is seen on the A320 but I’m curious what the 1+F stands for on the other Airbuses in IF.

It is a mode used during take-off.

During landing, when you take levers to 1, you only get Slats.
During take-off, when you take levers to 1, you basically get 1+F (ie. Flaps and Slats).

You can check the exact flaps/slats angles you get in the FCOMs for each lever position.


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But all this doesn’t happen in IF.

I still don’t understand!

Slats come out of the front of the wing. Flaps come out of the back of the wing. In the A320 for take off flaps 1 deploys not just slats but flaps. Flaps set at 1 on landing only deploys slats.

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This does happen on at least the a380 in IF.

Regarding the AIRBUS 1+F FLAP setting
I ll try to explain the A330 system.I think even for A320 the conceptis the same ( Speeds and Angles will vary ) Both slats and flaps are controlled by a common lever.
Slat / Flap lever has 5 positions ( 0,1,2,3,FULL ) corresponding to position 1 there are two configurations
which are 1 and 1+F
when 1 is shown on ECAM slat will be at 17 deg and FLAP will be at 0 deg
when 1+F is indicated on ECAM slats will be at 17deg and FLAP will be at 8.5 deg
Any time you move the slat/flap lever from 0 to 1 in flt or on gnd ECAM indication would be 1+F
you get config 1 when you retract the slats/flaps and aircraft speed is above 200 knots in flt.so basically slats will move to 17 deg and flaps will go all the way upto 0 deg.There is an automatic flap retraction logic as well.Hope this helps


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