1 engine reverse thrust safeguard or glitch?

Hey everyone.

While bored, I decided to do something abort takeoff tests. I know if there’s an engine failure, you shouldn’t use reverse thrust but I decided to see what happened.

I hopped into a 777-300ER, and around 110 knots I quit engine 2, put on the reverse thrust, and nothing happened. I did the same thing without an engine failure, and it slowed at about the same rate. I did a third test with shutting the engine off in the middle of reversing.

I was very surprised to find that the aircraft did not yaw to the left. As this (stunningly beautiful) drawing suggests, wouldnt the aircraft yaw left with this kind of force acting upon it?

Am I missing something or is this a glitch?

(I’m not sure I found i should put this in #support because it’s not really that big of a problem…)




Interesting find- I know that when you quit engine 1 and out full power on engine 2 during takeoff the aircraft will go to the left. But I’m not too sure about reverse.

I wouldn’t call this a glitch…more like something that hasn’t been implemented into the game yet.


I can agree on that. IF isn’t really on the emergency scenario side, at least right now.


You can always make a #features request for something like this :)

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I prefer to leave it to x plane 10, but I’ll think about it. GIVE ME THE FIRE AND THE FLAMES!!!


Infinite Flight is a Flight Simulator not a Crash Simulator LOL


After all, if you witness someone crash they keep on falling…

TS1 is already bad enough, and I wouldn’t like to see fires all over the beautiful global scenery.


Wow. That masterpiece should be in The Louvre… ; 0

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Eh, Fire or no fire, I avoid TS1 at all costs. it’s either casual or Expert for me, so a lil fire wont hurt :)

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I believed this caused the crash of some 767, when the reverse thrust deployed midflight for engine 1, it stalled, yawed and spinned.

Yeah. I watched the air crash investigation. It was sad. Really sad.


I think it would yaw right not left

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