“1 Dollar” ATC Communication Issue

Hey there! In my latest flights in live (whether it be casual, TS1, or Expert) the communications would be a bit muddled up. With (for example) “Ready to one dollar taxi” “cleared for 1 dollar Takeoff” “on one dollar final”

Here’s a video from my channel:

Also - backing it up - from @Aussie_Cockatoo’s channel: (note - it is at 6:02 in the video the communication is made)

Is anyone else having the same issue?


That is weird, but likely that the TTS (text to speech) on your device is reading a text as $1 dollar. I have a similar issue where it says “the 10th” if a capital X is in someone’s callsign


But yours replaces it… mine just adds it in…

(Replaces with ‘the 10th) for yours - for mine it just adds in one dollar

Haha that’s a little funny. Never happened to me though. Possibly the issue is from iOS11 beta?

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Perhaps the IOS 11 Beta I see you have installed could perhaps messed it up? The IOS 11 Beta has messed up a few things with people’s devices.

I said that above

Did you not bother reading through the thread?


@Darth_Sidious @anon31652286 - possibly


That would most likely be the issue since you and Cockatoo both have iOS 11. Could someone with iOS 10 and a Live subscription please confirm?


It probably is IOS 11, I have IOS 10 and a Live subscription and I have never had ATC say “1 dollar” before.


Well, that’s interesting - sooo, maybe not?

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Yeah that would be the problem. When the public iOS 11 is officially released the bug should go away. In the meantime, if there is an Apple feedback app, you could publish this text to speech issue there.

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I have iOS 11 and I don’t have this issue

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As iOS11 is months away from release and in a Beta stage, you should pretty much expect issues like this. Infinite Flight aswell as many others apps have not been updated to support iOS11 at this point. You will just have to live with it for now :)

(One thing that could fix it though, is to set Siri to ”American (Female)”. Works with that one for me…)