1 device or 2?


so just curiosity who uses 1 or 2 devices personally I use the 2018 iPad for flying however before I only had my phone so long hauls were an issues and please if you use one device let me know how u manage time for flight ect.


Two devices. One for flying, the other for talking to my IFAE guys.


I use my iPhone and if someone messages me i’ll ignore them if I’m flying with a group of people. So I can keep spacing but if i’m flying alone and I get a notification then I will check it and yes it’s risky and your game has a possibility to crash but it never happens to me!

And I use my MacBook Pro for everything else !


iPad mini for flying and iPhone 6 for messaging


I use my 12.9inch iPad Pro for flying and my IPhone 7 for communications


12.9 iPad Pro for infinite, iPad mini2 for LiveFlight, iPad mini 3, for foreflight , iPad Air 2 for IF instruments, IPad Air 1 for community, and my iPhone for calls other apps messages etc…


I use 3 different iPads. I will be consolidating down to 1 soon.


I use my iPad Pro 11 inch base model for infinite flight and then my MacBook for joystick, screen mirroring and iPhone for normal things.


I use 2 to 3 devices. A iPad, Pixel and a Surface. Usually either I use my phone or iPad to fly. Then a device for slack and another for charts.


I use the iPad 6 for flying and my Macbook Pro for everything else!


I also use my new Ipad2018, and I use my galaxy s7 to track and manage the flight.


I just use IF on my iphone. If im not flying into a controlled airspace ill respond to notifications quickly or I just reply to texts on my mac. Not really into long-hauls so it works well for me. I’m usually using my laptop at the same time for charts so I guess they kind of go hand in hand. I wish I had an Ipad but ya gotta make it work somehow!


I use Ipad for flying and my cellphone for communications.

Although, while at work in lunch time, I usually make short haul using my cellphone.


Two devices.
My actual phone for general use of « phone » and my previous phone in connexion sharing for Infinite Flight. I call it my Infinite Flight phone


I use my iPad Pro 12.9 for flying, and my Galaxy A8+ for communications such as slack etc


I use three actually. An iPad 2018 for using IF itself, an iPad mini 2 for viewing my charts and briefings, and my iPhone XR for YouTube :)


I use my iPad 2018 for IF, and my iPhone SE for IF Checklists and the IFC😉


I use only 1, just doin switches flying/atc :)…one of the longest flight i did was 9 hours. One time did the same long flight but i didn’t noticed i fell asleep and when i woke up my plane was gliding, descending and out of fuel xD


You could fly during the night I guess.
I personally use an iPad Air 2 to fly and my iPad Pro for the FPL, checking maps/diagrams, checklists, forum etc.


For managing my flight…im using a booklet or a piece of paper then writing down info/flight plan: (airport destination, altitude approach, my designated runway) :D